Friday, July 24, 2009

We have....EGGS!

As I've said before, we are officially Chicken farmers. Well...we weren't expecting any eggs until August, so when we got back from our Montana vacation we were surprised to find that they had started laying! The kids that had taken care of the chickens for us had found 2 eggs, but when we started looking further we found 10! Too bad we had to throw them all away because we didn't know how long they had been sitting. We still haven't made their nesting box and we need to soon because they are all 5 laying now and sometimes we find them in the yard along our fence. The kids adore looking for eggs and Nick thinks he needs to at least 3 or 4 times a day. Because they lay at different times Nick is lucky enough to find some almost every time he looks. It's like an easter egg hunt around here every day!
People had always told us that if you tasted farm fresh eggs you would LOVE them and never go back..unfortunately Dave and I must not have much of a discrimanatory taste because we don't see a big difference, but if anybody wants to give them a try just let us know...we have 5 every day and that is more then we can keep up with.


  1. I will take eggs anytime I can get them. I buy 5 dozen at a time and that lasts me about 2 weeks if i am lucky.

  2. You have to feel so country to have chickens & eggs. Thanks for sharing the other day. They were awesome!