Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yikes! Time goes by too fast!

Why does life always move by too fast? Things here at the Nielsens have remained crazy. I just can't seem to get ORGANIZED with my business! Dave is home a lot because his work still doesn't have a lot of hours to offer, but things are still crazy even when he's home. So...a quick update.

This summer we came back from vacation in Montana to find out that Dave's work is out of money and put him on a furlough...which we thought was better then a complete layoff, but now that it's still on going I'm not too sure. I think we are about at the point of trying to find a new job, but you all know how that goes. So with all the time he had off we did lots of fun stuff! Of course, that is a lot of free fun stuff. School rolled around all too fast and this year I have 3 out of the 4 going...well, Nick is half day kindergarten and that stinks, but i'm getting there! Two more years and they will all be in school! Work has continued to be really busy and I finally was able to purchase a new second machine, which has been SUPER nice in getting orders done. I'm glad we have my work to fall back on a bit while Dave's work is crazy...although my work is still really just trying to get off the ground. Well...I've got to go get kids up for school so I'll leave you with some pictures from the past few months.

Ella is into EVERYTHING! Especially moms makeup.

Kids first day of school- actually I think this was Nicks first day and the kids 2nd week. Nick was SO excited and poor Ella had no idea when this picture was taken that she would soon be left home alone...which she isn't thrilled about.
And yes, we now have a driver. Austin got his learners permit and is constantly asking to be taken driving. He thinks life is pretty cool. He did just turn 16 this last week but he can't get the license until February because of the new driving laws of needing his permit first for 6 months, etc.