Friday, July 24, 2009

Ella is 3!!!

On July 10th Ella finally turned 3! I say finally because she has been "working up to" her birthday for MONTHS! If you ask her when her birthday is she can tell you the date...only problem is she has no relation to time so she thought that July 10th was forever "tomorrow". While we were up in Montana the big day finally arrived and it was great! The night before we went birthday shopping and she picked out a fun pink dress and some GREAT sparkly pink shoes that she adores...with the exception that they hurt her feet.She has been wanting a Hello Kitty cake ever since I made the dreaded mistake of making those darn Puppy cake pops for Nicks birthday. So since we were out of town I escaped the 6 hour task of creating Hello Kitty cake pops and we were able to just order a Hello Kitty cake. It turned out super cute and she loved it. She was then spoiled by all 6 of her siblings, her parents and cousins with lots of fun gifts. She was one lucky little girl to have such a fun birthday.
I just can't believe that she is already 3! Unfortunately I still think of her very much as my baby...I guess with all of the other 3 I had already had another baby by this age so I never thought of the others as babys at this age. I'm afraid poor Ella will remain my baby that a lucky thing for her or unfortunate?Ella's Quirks and Favorites
  • She LOVES animals but is scared to death of them, including our Chickens.
  • She loves all things pink and girly, especially lipstick/gloss and shoes.
  • She insists on Mom doing her hair each and every day, including bows...good thing we have lots of options.
  • She loves to sing and she sings loud and often.
  • She loves to play pretend.
  • She has to sleep cuddled RIGHT next to someone. Good thing she normally shares a room with Kira.
  • She is VERY sure of herself....which unfortunately means that she is VERY bossy.
  • Ella loves to be silly...we LOVE this girl!

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  1. I thought I had commented on your blog and finally figured out there's a second step when posting. So sorry! But, i just love your Ella she's such a cute girl! Send her over anytime!