Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crazy Weekends

Ok...this weekend was just way too crazy. We started early morning Saturday with Hayden's wrestling meet. He loves wrestling and is doing fairly well.

After that Austin and I headed to SLC for some sort of swap meet type sale that he was for positive would have fantastic deals at. It was a bust...and to make it all better I locked my keys in the car!!! $60 later for the locksmith and we were on our way. We did end up finding some great deals at VF Factory in Draper. They have clearnace stores that have lots of good stuff..kind of a wierd mall, but good.

Sunday I stayed home with Ella and Nick...it looks like they are both getting the same cold I had last week, oh what fun! We stayed home and put together a nice dinner and dessert for our "special night". Our special nights have really turned into a fun tradition with the candles, thankful thoughts, etc. The kids sure do love it. After dinner it was time to run the kids home and it was the end of our crazy weekend. We really do love having Austin and Mckae come. The kids look forward to it for days and cry when they leave. We miss Aisha, but she is pretty busy.
I love being busy with my family...it makes life interesting.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Catch up for October

So I can't go back too far in catching up on life at the Nielsens so I'll just highlight October and start from there.
-We have really started enjoying the hot tub. Dave and the kid play in it in the rain and in the cold...I enjoy it a little more at night, minus the rain.
-We went to HeeHaws with all the kiddos...lots of fun, I would recommend it for anybody. They have something for every age.
-Halloween was a month long event for us this year! We had the Rolfe family party toward the first of the month, the Butler family party towards the end of the month, School parties on Halloween and we followed it all up with a good dose of trick or treating. The weather was fabulous this year, not even cold enough for a jacket! Hayden, Kira, Nick, Ella and McKae started out together, with McKae finding an older friend pretty quickly to go out with. After that it was just the 4 of them and they just ran house to house...by the time Ella got up to a door the other 3 were running to the next house, but she just kept plugging along. We went further then we ever have in the past and I drug along the wagon for nothing...at least not til' the end, then I used it on the youngest 3 for the last block home.

Over all definately a fun month!

Finally...the Nielen Family has arrived

Ok...Here it goes. My family blog. This is something I've been meaning to do for a long time, but just couldn't make myself do it. I already feel so overwhelmed with teaching preschool, keeping up my preschool blog (sorry private for my preschoolers.) running my embroidery business and keeping up the blog, website and my etsy store that are connected with my embroidery business...not to name being a mom and wife and my church calling.
BUT I have felt for a long time that I need to make my family more of a priority as well as feeling like I need to document this time in my life and in my childrens lives. They are growing up so fast and I have so much to laugh at and enjoy every day that I need to do better documenting it and enjoying it...so- Here goes.