Friday, July 24, 2009

Montana take 2

Big Fork Montana
Yes, I still have more to say about Montana. We spent a total of 3 1/2 days traveling too and from Montana but it was COMPLETELY worth it...although my kids did come to the conclusion that camping in a Walmart parking lot was not nearly as cool as they thought it would be.

Another great thing my kiddos were able to try for the first time was water skiing and tubing. They loved it! We all had so much fun and the lake and river were just gorgeous. One of the evenings that we were out on the water and it started raining and we were privileged enough to see a double rainbow. I just thought it was amazing that we were out playing on the water at 9pm and it wasn't even close to dark yet! Ya got to love those late Montana nights where it doesn't get dark until 10:30pm.
Austin, Aisha and Ella on the water tube
Austin doing GREAT on the was SUPER cold this day!
See...look at his purple cheeks!
Kira on her first try waterskiing. I need to get the rest of my pictures of the other kids waterskiing from Bridget.

I REALLY wish I could figure out how to download my video here of my kids water skiing, wake boarding and tubing, but I can't make it if anybody wants to see it just come over and I'm sure my kids will entertain you with our video we made. I'll make do with's just a few. Like I said...Montana was FANTASTIC!

Dad and Nick by an overturned tree's roots at Glacier Park

Austin and Ella at Glacier National Forest (or park?)...absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Dave and his BIG catch.
Ella taking a hike the easy way.

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  1. Your trip sounds like so much fun! I wonder if my kids could get up on water skis!