Monday, July 6, 2009


Here is sit in Montana updating my blog. It's not that I'm bored here...just that it is 10pm and STILL not dark outside! It really doesn't get dark here until 10:30pm at night! Let me tell's totally throwing off our sleep schedules. We are having a ball. We are staying in a town called Big Fork and it is a little lake community right on the lake of Flat Head. Tons of pine trees and beautiful homes. We are staying with Dave's brothers in laws...while spending time with Daves brother and his family. They have a little river/canal that runs right to the back of the house and goes out to the lake. We have really taken advantage of what Montana has to offer so far!

July 4th my kiddos got to be IN the parade- not just watch it but really be in it. Our float ended up getting first place for the family float. VERY fun. We blew up hundreds of helium balloons and the big kids passed them out as the little kids threw out candy. That night we watched lots of up the mess the next day wasn't nearly as fun as watching them but the kids loved them. Even Kira who watched them from the front seat of the truck as she hates the noise...even with ear plugs in.

The highlight so far has to be watching my little kids water ski...yes, they water skiied! Like I said, we are taking advantage of all that there is to offer here in Montana. We went out on James boat (daves brother) and I thought that my kiddos wouldn't really try it. The lake is really cold and my kids have never even WATCHED water skiing before. So Bridget (my sis in law) explained to the kids what to do. One other little girl that is here with us tried it out and got up but crashed pretty quickly. Then it was Kira's turn. She ended up getting up the first time and she NEVER crashed! She did SO good! Hayden was next and he got right up as well. I was shocked! He crashed after a little bit, but I was still really surprised. THEN Nick wanted to try..which was a real shocker to me...but he even got right up! Again, he didn't do as well as Kira but he did great! Got right up and went a bit before crashing. I have video but i've now spent two hours trying to upload it with no luck. So if anybody has any solutions to getting these videos online that would be great as I'm one proud mama that would love to share!


  1. Well, that sounds like way too much fun! I can't believe your little ones can water ski! How awesome is that? I bet Jordyn would do it! Looks like you've been having lots of fun. Can't wait to see more pics!!

  2. Hey! I am happy I found your blog :) You can link to mine through this comment if you want...I am not very good at updating though! We should do something sometime, call me!